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Frequently Asked questions

Q - Can my family members participate in this program?
A – Yes. All family members may participate. Each family member over the age of 18 must obtain their own DBP card using their unique email address during the online sign up process. It is not required that family members live at home to receive a card. Dependents under the age of 18 may use their guardian’s DBP card when visiting a participating dentist.  

Q - How do I know what dentists are participating?
A – After you have received your Group and Patient ID #s, you may login from the home page to access all participating dentists and discounted fee schedules.

Q - What if my dentist is not on the list of providers?
A – The list of participating providers is growing weekly but unfortunately, not all dentists know about this unique program. If your dentist is not a participating provider, you may request that we contact your dentist and invite them to join. Once logged into the website, you may type your dentist’s name into the search field and follow the instructions to initiate an invitation for the dentist to learn more.

Q - If my dentist is not on the list, can I use the DBP at his/her office?
A – No. The benefits of the DBP can only be used at participating providers. We encourage you to talk to your dentist about joining the DBP and refer them to us as outlined in the answer to the question above.

Q - Can I use the Dental Benefit Program in conjunction with my insurance?
A – No. The DBP was designed as an alternative to dental insurance and cannot be used simultaneously. Once you have maxed out specific benefits of dental insurance, you may use your DBP card to help with supplemental coverage but only when coverage within your insurance plan has been exhausted.

Q - If I am a registered user, how do I change my contact information?
A – Email us with updated contact information at info@dentalcooperative.com.

Q - I lost my DBP card. How can I get another?
A – Email us at info@dentalcooperative.com with a request to re-send a card to you. Include your first/last name in your request as well as the Group and Patient ID# that were emailed to you upon signing up for your card. If you don’t know your Group and Patient ID#s, your name will do.

Q - If I move to another state, can I use my DBP card there?
A – No. Although the DBP is growing and preparing to expand into other States, the program is currently available in Idaho, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico.

Q - How can it be offer to me at no cost? How does the DBP make any money?
A – The DBP was created by a collective group of dentists who are members of the Dental Cooperative. Member dentists have born the costs to create, develop, and maintain the website and all functional aspects of the DBP. These dentists believe the DBP is an alternative to dental insurance that makes financial sense to the patients and participating dentists alike.

Q - Does the DBP provide patient financing for my visit?
A- No. Patients are expected to pay at time of service. The program does not currently provide financing but may in the future. It is possible that a participating provider may offer patient financing but is not expected to.

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